Sean Rodrigues

Recieved the Materials Research Society: Graduate Student Award

Awarded the ECE GRA Excellence Award

Lakshmi Raju

Awarded the NSF GRFP

Shoufeng Lan

Awarded the Sigma Xi: Best PhD Thesis

2017 Young Investigator Award

Office of Naval Research

Dr. Cai was selected from over 360 highly qualified applicants based on his past performance, technical merit, potential scientific breakthrough and long-term university commitment.

"Its purpose is to fund early-career academic researchers—called investigators—whose scientific pursuits show outstanding promise for supporting the Department of Defense, while also promoting their professional development."

Shoufeng Lan won the DJ Lovell Award presented by SPIE

The DJ Lovell Scholarship is the largest and most prestigious award granted by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. Shoufeng was presented the award for his potential long-range contributions to the field of optics and or photonics.

Intel Fellowship

Rosalind Hudnell [Left], Intel's Chief Diversity Officer and President of Intel Foundation, awards Sean [Middle Right] the Intel Fellowship, alongside Georgia Tech's President, Bud Peterson.

Outstanding Students Abroad:
Chinese Government Award

This award encourages research excellence and recognizes top Chinese Ph.D. students across all fields of study throughout the world.

Joseph W. Goodman Award

Book Award

This award, co-sponsored by SPIE and OSA, is presented on a bi-annual basis to the authors of the most influential scientific or technical book on optics published in the preceding six years."

Our lab houses a variety of equipment to study optics .

Chiral metamaterial produced from an array of nanoarcs

Green laser passing through our optical set-up

The set-up of our lab allows for reconfigurable optical measurements.

Student Awards
National and International Recognition
Young Investigator Award
Office of Naval Research
Shoufeng Lan
Awarded DJ Lovell by SPIE
Sean Rodrigues
Awarded Intel Fellowship
Outstanding Student Abroad
Chinese Government Award
Backward Phase Matching
Nat. Materials Publication
Joseph Goodman Award
Optics Book Award for Optical Metamaterials
The Grads
The Cai Lab graduate students
Lab Equip
Our lab houses a variety of equipment to study optics
Chiral Arc
SEM images of the chiral metamaterial
Equipped with a multitude of laser sources
Lab Work
Working in the lab on nonlinear measurements